What I Got For Christmas, 2014

Christmas isn’t a massive deal in our household, while yes we celebrate it to the point of we exchange a few gifts and eat far too much, it’s not really a big deal in comparison to some families. Having said that, I have received some beautiful gifts this year which i’m completely thrilled about. Of course, with these types of posts unfortunately you do have to include the whole “this is not a bragging post, to some people this won’t seem like a lot, while to others it will, i’m honestly so grateful for everything my family has bought for me this year and I definitely feel extremely lucky” disclaimer, but it’s all so true. This year was the first year I was able to actually buy my family presents out of my own money, I started a part time job during the Summer and so I was over the moon that I was able to spoil my family members a little, especially my mum who more than deserved it. I probably got more excited when they opened their presents than when I was opening mine! I uploaded a “What I Got For Christmas” post last year as a way of documenting everything I received and so this year I thought I would do the same thing. I’m not going to include any links or prices as I don’t feel comfortable snooping around to see how much people have spent on me, but if it’s obvious where it’s from, or if it’s something I’ve chosen myself then of course I will say where it’s from! 
This year I feel as though my gifts were quite practical, I purposely didn’t ask for makeup as I knew I had enough to last me a lifetime, but as you can see, a few little bits did find their way under the Christmas tree this year. Of course, it goes without saying that there was a lot of chocolate, but none of which survived long enough to have been photographed & I also got socks. It ain’t Christmas without socks. I’ve been on and on about how bored I am of my hair at the moment; I definitely have a love-hate relationship with it. Knowing this my family did purchase a few hair bits and bobs for me, I received the Andrew Barton Designer Waves, Professional Salon Waver which I’ve tried out a few times now and I’m completely smitten with it, it’s a fantastic device to get those beach-y messy waves/curls. I’m a huge fan of that grungy “just rolled out of bed” kinda look and so this is perfect, and definitely a look i’ll be rocking in the future! I also received the Bleach London “Spin The Bleach Bottle” hair dye set which i’m currently sat drooling over. I’ve dyed my hair a lot over the years, we’re talking blue, pink, purple, green, orange, red… pretty much every colour really & so I can’t wait to test out a few of the shades. The bottles are only small so I may have to either cut my hair shorter again (which I am considering doing at the moment) or just dip-dye the ends, either way, i’ll be sure to blog about it! 
I also got a new duvet set, two in fact, from ASDA; the one that’s currently on my bed and then the one that’s still in it’s packaging, both are absolutely beautiful and fit the theme and “mood” of my bedroom perfectly at the moment, and the make the perfect background for taking photographs! On the topic of blogging, my parents bought me potentially the best gift I could have hoped for. My mum is a huge support when it comes to my blog and has had to listen to me complaining constantly recently about the poor lighting and so this year she managed to buy me Studio Lighting which i’m just in love with at the moment. In fact these photographs were taken at 9:15pm which is just crazy! I’ve been testing this bad boy out a lot recently and I can not fault it, hopefully you’ll be able to notice a difference in the quality of my photographs too as I’m not going to have to over-edit them anymore! I also received the most beautiful notebook from Paperchase which is now my “blogging notebook” and is already filled with ideas and content! I’m a huge fan of paperchase stationary and notebooks anyway, but this black, gold and white notebook is just a whole different ball-game! 

One of my new years resolutions is to read more and so i’m thrilled with the two new books I have. I used to love reading, but unfortunately since starting college I’ve found very little time to read, in fact no, that’s a lie. I’ve not made any time to read. I’m now setting aside an hour every day to read, for the days I’m at college I will read on the bus and for the days where I’m not at college then I’ll read on lunch break. No excuses this year, Heather! Despite everyone and their mother either reading or watching Gone Girl recently, I have seen nor read it. It definitely seems like a story-line that i’ll enjoy and so I can not wait to get my nose stuck into that one, i’ll most likely be reading it on the bus into college when I go back! I also got The Book Thief. I saw the film adaptation about a month ago now and instantly fell in love with the entire plot, in fact, I watched it several times within the week I was that in love with it. Already knowing the story line, I can not wait to see how the book compares. 
Before Christmas I had a lot of jewelry just floating around without home and so this new storage box from homebase is absolutely perfect; I love the “lots of things” text on the front, the glass top and how functional it all is. It’s the perfect size too. I now keep all my dainty jewelry in it; my every day items, my charm bracelets from when I was younger, a few things I had as a baby and then all my ear rings and rings. I also noted that they had a smaller version of the box which I may have to go back and pick up as well! 
Two new perfumes have made their way into my collection, both of which I adore! If you’ve been following me long enough to remember last years Christmas post then you’ll know that I received the Vera Wang “Princess” Perfume last year as well but I actually ran out of it around August/September time, but just never got around to re-purchasing it so I was thrilled to unwrap that, no doubt i’ll be using and loving it as much this year too! I also got the Lady Gaga “Fame” Perfume which is just beautiful! I’m actually going to dedicate an entire post to this beauty where i’ll tell you a little more about it! I love everything about both these perfumes, from the scent to the packaging and i’m sure they’ll be featured in many monthly favourite posts over the year! I also received the Impulse “Lovely Little Tin” Gift Set which includes three scents: Very Pink (roses & grapefruit), Sweet Smile (Pear & jasmine), Be Surprised (violets & red fruits). They’ll be perfect for throwing in my bag for when i’m on the go! 

As I said, I had purposely not asked for any beauty, but some how a few new bits have made their way into my stash. My aunt was actually the one who introduced me to The Body Shop makeup range last Christmas when she bought me a little gift set including a few products, and this year, she bought me The Sparkler “All Over Shimmer” by The Body Shop which is just beautiful really. I’m now a huge fan of The Body Shop makeup and so this will be welcome addition to my collection. Plus the packaging is just adorable! I also got the Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette, Eye & Cheek Colour in “Aura” which as you can probably tell from the photograph above, is just beautiful! The palette homes their Cream Pigment in “Hollow” which is perfect for contour (I already own the full sized of this and i’m completely obsessed with it), a Powder Blusher in Tremble which looks lovely, i’m yet to try it out but it looks like it will be a perfectly “flushed” shade, especially on my skin. I was thrilled to see that they’d included on of their Gleam cream highlighters in the shade Aurora as well as that’s actually one of the products I’d been considering buying, they’ve also added in their Eyebrow Cake in the shade Thunder, which is slightly too dark for my brows but I can definitely still use it for the arch of my brows and if I use a light hand then also any particularly sparse areas, although I still do need to use MAC Omega mixed with it just to lighten things up a little. If all that wasn’t enough, the palette also homes four beautiful powder eyeshadows; two matte shades, one shimmer and one glitter matte. 

I actually received quite a bit in the way of clothing this year too. I’m definitely not a fashion kinda gal, more of a jeans, jumper and boots lass but I’m definitely trying to build up my wardrobe a little more; update a few bits, mature my style a little more and just generally give it a bit of a revamp (some of the clothes had been worn that much over the years that they were definitely looking a little worse for wear)! I got a new pair of Jamie Jeans from Topshop which is always appreciated as I do wear them most days. Mine were starting to rub a little thin in areas and loose their shape, but £40 a pair isn’t really something I’m all that thrilled about so I was over the moon to have a new pair without parting with the cash! I also got a lovely Leather Skirt which is a real love it or hate it kinda deal, I’ll definitely not be channeling the whole Shirely Carter vibe, but I do love the skirt never the less. My mum’s also paying for my favourite pair of boots to be re-healed and re-soled as there was very little left of the sole I’d worn them that much, but I couldn’t bare to part with them (when I said they were my favourite pair, I meant they were like my babies, a little strange perhaps, I know). 

I also received a lovely new charcoal (almost purple under toned) jumper which i’m just obsessed with… I’ve been wearing it the majority of the time since unwrapping it if i’m being honest. It’s an oversized and loose fit bat-wing jumper with a small turtle neck and comes down just past your bum… it’s literally my perfect jumper! I then also received two new coats (photographed above); one a black cape-like coat with a foe-fur hood, the other being a beautiful lilac, duster-esque coat that I’m just obsessed with, and both fit into my wardrobe perfectly. 
I’m so happy with everything that I got this year and I’ll definitely be featuring the majority of it on my blog as well, while I doubt i’ll be doing any fashion posts any time soon, a photograph may pop up where i’m wearing on of the new clothing items, who knows! If there’s anything you’d like to see an in depth post about then please do let me know. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
What was the best gift you received this year?
-H x

  • I love reading what people got for Christmas. Gone girl is such an amazing book and I can't wait to see the film. I hope you had a good Christmas and a happy new year 🙂

    http://www.ellenwarnerxo.blogspot.co.uk xo

    • I've only heard positive things about it! I can't wait to start reading it! & I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and NY as well!


  • So many great gifts! I love the black jacket in particular. I bought a pair of Jamies the other day and wear mine all the time now too!


    • I wear jeans virtually every day and while £40 may seem like a lot, I definitely get my wear out of them, and they're the most comfortable/flattering fit I've found, I'm a huge fan of the Jamies!


  • amazing! I LOVE IT! Alot of really great gifts. I don't get much gifts (only 3 this year) because my daughter gets the load haha! Now I have double the (clutter) toys!

    I also have a A MAC Lipstick Giveaway (of your choice) happening RIGHT NOW on my blog 😉

    May your NEW YEAR fill you with joy and prosperity

    Shanna | My Curves and Lashes

    • Glad you liked the post, there's nothing better than giving other people gifts though! I hope 2015 is a good year for you!


  • I love posts like this! You got some really lovely gifts, enjoy them 🙂

    Kimberley x

    Kimberley x | Kimberley's Beauty Blog

    • Glad you liked the post!


  • Ooh you got some lovely things! Gone Girl is a brilliant book, you'll really enjoy it 🙂
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

    • I can't wait to start reading it, I've only heard positive things about it!


  • ah your jackets are gorgeous!

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

    • Beautiful aren't they? I'm so happy with both of them!


  • hope you had a lovely Christmas and a happy new year xx


  • PM

    Wow, these are lovely! Lovely, beautiful gifts.

    Popular Makeup Blog

    • I'm so happy with everything I received, they're all lovely and extremely practical gifts!


  • I absolutely love that little storage box – so cute but functional 🙂 xx

    Magpie Jasmine || GIVEAWAY!: Urban Decay/Nars/Charlotte Tilbury/Too Faced

    • Beautiful isn't it?! I'm completely smitten!


  • I really want to read Gone Girl. I also want to make more time for reading, but I find it so hard sometimes!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    • I've only heard positive things about it so I can't wait to start reading it! Making time for things such as reading can definitely be difficult at times!


  • Ooh you received some lovely things! I adore that gold triangle notebook 🙂 x

    • I adore all the gifts I was given this year, but the notebook is extremely beautiful!