Urban Decay: Naked Palette Comparison



Urban Decay have been a brand I've loved and used religiously for a number of years now. They're one of the only brands I full heartedly trust regardless of product, but it's no secret just how impressive the Urban Decay Naked Palettes are. The brand really took the world by storm when they launched their original Naked palette but since there have been a few more launches and things can get a little confusing. I've decided to put together a little rundown of all the palettes, the shade selection and what I love them for. Obviously, this is all just my opinion and I completely understand that everyone will have different views on the palettes on offer. Some of you may have noticed but I decided to not include the Ultimate Basics as I feel like that the palette has so many obvious selling points and y'all don't need to hear me reiterating what every other blogger has already spoken about. 

I've avoided speaking about the Naked Heat directly up until this point as I felt there was enough of a storm brewing around the launch without me including my thoughts (which for anyone who's interested are that the palette is bloody brilliant).  now that a little time has past, here is my Urban Decay Naked Palette Rundown! 

The Urban Decay palettes have so many different selling points but I can completely understand and respect how overwhelming it can be if you're looking to purchase one. I've tried to give a little information regarding each palette along with a full list of the shade selection so I definitely hope this is going to be somewhat helpful for you all. So, now that a little time has passed since the latest launch and hopefully the hype has died down a little, here is my Urban Decay Naked Palette Rundown! 



Urban Decay Naked 1 

The first naked offering is a cult favourite. Filled with beautiful warm toned neutrals this palette is extremely well-loved in my collection. I remember receiving this palette a fair few years back now and instantly falling in love with it, while the packaging is definitely not the best as it can look a little grubby at times due to the felt covering, the contents are beyond beautiful. The shades range from warm copper shades to cooler plummy brown tones, I also love that this palette has a cool toned gray and a black shade - great additions if you're wanting to create something a little more smokey for a night out. In total the palette homes 12 shades, 2 matte: 10 shimmery/satin shades. I think this is definitely one of the most popular of the Naked series, you start to notice significant improvements with the newer additions (Naked Smoky & Naked Heat) in regards to packaging and texture, but I honestly can not fault this beauty. I love how easy it is to work with, you're guaranteed to be able to create a stunning makeup look regardless what the occasion and with minimal effort - honestly, what more do you need?

Shades include: Virgin (nude satin), Sin (champagne shimmer), Naked (buff matte), Sidecar (beige sparkle), Buck (brown matte), Half Baked (bronze), Smog (golden brown shimmer), Darkhorse (bronze-plum shimmer), Toasted (taupe-bronze), Hustle (mocha shimmer), Creep (near-black metallic), Gunmetal (dark grey metallic).

Urban Decay Naked 2

The second naked offering has more of a taupe-toned selection and is perfect for cooler skin complections. The palette has a great selection of light and darker shades. If you like the look of the Naked Smoky palette but you're not keen on how dark the shades are, I definitely recommend considering Naked 2. Because the palette is cooler toned, it's a lot easier to work with for a smokey eye and with several shimmery offerings to choose from you're guaranteed to create a glamorous look. I'll be completely honest with you, this is the palette I don't get as much use from. I love the palette as a whole, and there are definitely some stand out shades on offer, but I just don't reach for it as much - perhaps that's down to my warmer colour preferences, I don't know. I've heard a lot of people say they love this palette and rate it 100%, however, I've also heard a lot of feedback along the same lines as my own thoughts so it's definitely something to consider when making your purchase. 
Shades include: Foxy (cream bisque with matte finish), Half Baked (golden-bronze with shimmering finish), Bootycall (shimmering cork), Chopper (copper shimmer with silver microglitter), Tease (creamy pale brown with matte finish), Snake Bite (dark bronze shimmer with metallic base), Suspect (pale golden beige with shimmering finish), Pistol (light grey-brown with shimmering finish), Verve (oyster with shimmering finish), YDK (cool bronze shimmer with metallic base), Busted (deep brown with shimmering finish), Blackout (blackest black with matte finish).

Urban Decay Naked 3

The pintrest-perfect palette. I definitely think that's the best way to describe this palette, and probably the most honest. This palette consists of 12 new shades completely exclusive to the pallet, all of which are light and mid rose hued shades. The pallet, like the second, homes three matte shades (Strange, Limit, Nooner), but then also homes six satin/shimmers, and two glitters. The pallet is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing and fits within a real niche and trend floating around at the moment, so serious props to UD for being able to adapt and master the trend and do it so well. All of the shades, although pink toned, are super flattering and do not leave you looking ill like a lot of similar shades do. I'm actually amazed at just how much I love and use this palette. I find it's the perfect palette, especially for paler skin tones to take you from day to night. I hear so many comments at how surprised people were with how easy the shade selection is to work with so even if you're a little worried about how the soft pink hues look against your skin tones, don't stress. You can always visit one of the stands and ask for one of the makeup artists to help you out a little.
Shades include: Strange (pale neutral pink matte-satin), Dust (pale metallic pink shimmer with iridescent micro-glitter), Burnout (light pinky-peach satin), Limit (light dusty rose matte), Buzz (metallic rose shimmer with silver microglitter), Trick (light metallic pinky-copper shimmer with tonal microsparkle), Nooner (medium pinky-brown matte), Liar (medium metallic mauve shimmer), Factory (pinky-brown satin), Mugshot (metallic taupe shimmer with slight pink shift), Darkside (deep taupe-mauve satin), Blackheart (smoky black matte with rosy red microsparkle).

Urban Decay Naked Smoky*

The palette is made up of matte hues, cool gunmetal greys, warm bronzes and shimmering champagnes making it the perfect palette for everyone regardless whether you prefer warmer hues or cooler, softer looks or smokier, and for just £37, you receive 12 gorgeous with 9 never before seen shades, and 3 exclusives from past palettes. The formulas of the shadows themselves are the perfect blend; each shade is pigmented, long lasting, buttery and so easy to work with. I definitely think UD upped their game when it came to this palette. Don't get me wrong, I love and highly rate the previous palettes, but I feel like the formulas in this palette are just something else altogether. Unlike the three naked palettes prior, this little beauty is divided up into three equal sections: matte, shimmery and metallic. A few shades have a beautiful iridescence to them too which I’m just in love with! If you're looking for a palette for your night outs, this is the one for you! Urban Decay also started to find their artistry within the design element of this palette; unlike the palettes before the Naked Smoky has a gorgeous and eye-catching design which really embraces the palettes strengths and helps to draw the eye. It's also a lot sturdier in comparison to the previous which is always a good thing especially if you travel a lot. 

Shades include: High cream shimmer w/micro-glitter, Dirtysweet medium bronze, Radar metallic taupe w/iridescent micro-glitter, Armor metallic silver-taupe w/tonal sparkle, Slanted light metallic gray, Dagger medium charcoal w/micro-shimmer, Black Market jet-black satin, Smolder deep plum-taupe, Password cool taupe matte, Whiskey  rich brown matte, Combust soft pink-taupe, Thirteen light beige satin

Urban Decay Naked Heat*

So, Naked Heat is the new kid on the block and my oh my has it got people talking. I'll be honest, I thought I was over the Naked Palette trend. As much as I love Urban Decay as a brand, I was kind of sick of the trend and wanted the brand to get back to it's routes a little. I saw this originally online before it's launch and sure, it looked great, but I didn't have the initial "omfg I need to buy that palette". I kept my cool for a while, even through the initial presale. I avoided putting myself down for any waiting lists and to be honest, was quite proud of myself for not just jumping on board with the hype. I started to see the palette featured on a few blogs and youtube channels and it started to catch my eye. It wasn't however until the palette was on my doorstep and I had swatches up to my elbow that I realised just how much I needed the palette. The palette, as the name suggests, is filled to the brim with gorgeous warm hues; unlike the Naked 1 palette the palette doesn't have a "gold" theme, instead just a warm undertone. The palette is filled with oranges and soft reds and basically, I'm in love. I'll even go as far as to say this is potentially my favourite palette yet. The palette has 12 all-new shades and everything you need to create sultry daytime looks to intense smoky evening looks and everything in between.

Shades included: Ounce (ivory shimmer), Chaser (light nude matte), Sauced (soft terra-cotta matte), Low Blow (brown matte), Lumbre (copper shimmer w/gold pearl shift), He Devil (burnt red matte), Dirty Talk (metallic burnt red), Scorched (metallic deep red w/gold micro-shimmer), Cayenne (deep terra-cotta matte), En Fuego (burgundy matte), Ashes (deep reddish-brown matte), Ember (deep metallic copper-burgundy)
  • I loved this post! I have the Naked 2 because I always assumed the pinker tones of Naked 3 wouldn’t suit me, but actually I’m super keen to get my hands on it now. I’m also eyeing up the Naked basics, realised last week I don’t actually have many matte shades in my collection – which of the basics palettes would you recommend? xx


    • Thanks, Laura. So glad you liked the post. The Naked 3 palette is stunning and I find it to be very easy to work with, I often find I’m able to create quite natural and glamorous looks (perfect for work too!), it’s definitely worth checking out! In regards to the Naked Basics, I own the Naked Basics 2 and then the Naked Basics Ultimate… hands down the Ultimate. It’s a bigger palette with a far better colour selection, you’ve got an even balance of warm and cooler shades, and for me the pigmentation is just incredible. The individual Naked Basics palettes are okay, but I gave mine away as soon as I got my hands on the Ultimate. I spoke about the palette in a little more detail here, if that’s any use to you!


  • Roxana

    I really need to buy one of if! Is defo on my next month shopping list!