A Guide To Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Since deciding to leave university a year early, I have this sudden lease of life, I feel as though my creative balance is back and I've been thinking a lot about how to move forward with this. My main focus and specialism throughout my university course was photography, and that's something I'm really keen to continue working with and developing. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely no pro, but it's something I enjoy thoroughly. As much as I love the typical blogger flat lays, I really struggled to find my photography style at first in regards to my blog, but I definitely think I'm starting to figure out what works for me. As well as the typical beauty shots, I want to try and incorporate more of my actual photography into the mix too. I work with my sister on a weekly basis to shoot makeup looks for her - if you're interested in checking out her work then I advise checking out her Instagram. She's an incredible little makeup artist and I definitely enjoy working with her on projects. The natural progression from this is to start featuring both my photography and my sister's makeup artistry more within my content. You'll be seeing a lot more "creativity" around these parts and I'll be honest in saying, I'm extremely excited moving forward. For today's post, I thought I'd chat through a few tips and tricks on how you can step outside of your comfort zone a little and be more adventurous with your makeup. 

001. Experiment more with multi-purpose products.

Pick something that is a little different for you and each day try to find a different purpose for it. A lot of products are multi-purpose, people just don't know what to do with them. Take your pencil eyeliner for example, instead of just using it to trace your lash line, apply it in your crease and blend out to create a cut-crease. Your favourite pinky-nude lipstick, why not apply it softly to the apples of your cheek as a blush. There are so many great to experiment more with your makeup, it doesn't have to be something bold straight away, but the more you experiment, the more confidence you'll build and in turn, the more use you'll get our of your products. Another great multi-purpose product is eyeshadow, why not apply a little to the center of your lips over your favourite lipstick shade to add a little more depth. I think glitters or iridescent shades always look stunning applied like this! 

002. Embrace Colour. 

I think this is probably one of the most obvious ways of stepping out of your comfort zone. By adding a few small hints of colour, your makeup look can transform from ordinary to extraordinary. There are loads of different ways to incorporate colour into your palettes, to start our with I advise trying to add a soft hue through the crease of your eyeshadow or on your waterline - although it's subtle it will really make an impact and completely transform your overall look. It also helps to build up your confidence to be more daring. Another great way to introduce colour is through your lipstick shade - there are so many incredible shades and formulas out there, you're honestly spoilt for choice. If you're wanting a more subtle introduction, I advise checking out soft corals or pink tones. They really help to brighten up your complexion and are perfect for the warmer months. If you're a little more confident with your eyeshadows try ditching the neutral palette altogether - purples are a great place to start as quite often they have a neutral undertone which means they're super easy to work with and blend. Another fantastic trend at the moment is coloured mascara - definitely one to try out, especially on your lower lash line! 

003. Shop your stash

Find the products that you don't usually reach for. There's always that one shade in an eyeshadow palette that you've just never used - try and get creative and find a purpose for it. Yellows can be often difficult to style, but by softly blending them on your lower lash line they can make a real impact and help to brighten up your under eye. If you're bored of your lipstick stash, try mixing shades to customize your own. You'll have endless fun trying to create the perfect hue for you. If you've got a more daring shade, maybe a pink or a purple, try mixing a pale nude shade. Jeffree Star Posh Spice is a fantastic option if you're wanting something to help tone down shades, for a more budget-friendly option try NYX Lingerie Lipstick in the shade Corset. Try and challenge yourself to ditch your trusty worthy and well-used products and focus on the products that just don't get the loving - you're bound to find something that you absolutely love! Why not try and do a brand focus feature where you only use one brand for your entire face, think about unique ways to use your products and really try to get the most out of them. I love rotating my makeup stash on a regular basis and find it really helps me to get out of a rut with my makeup looks. 

004. Shop your family/friends stash

What better way to get out of a makeup rut and experiment more than to shop your friends and family's makeup. Obviously, you have to consider hygiene factors - I definitely wouldn't advise sharing any mascaras or eyeliners, but as for eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes, go ahead! It's a great way of experimenting with new products without having to spend a penny; a real try before you buy kinda deal! By incorporating a few new products into your stash you're forced to step away from the ones you use religiously on a daily basis. Having staples in your collection is essential and definitely a good investment of your money, but it's also great to have fun with your makeup. Think outside the box a little and consider things that aren't usually your "style". I personally thought I'd never wear pink lipstick, but I'm having a real love affair for it at the moment. I also have a purple blush that is so crazy and out there, but I love incorporating it into my daily makeup routine. It's a fun pop of colour and really adds something new and different! 

005. Get someone else to do your makeup

If you're completely out of ideas and don't know where to start, ask one of your friends or family members, or even book in with a local MUA, and have them do your makeup for you. Ask them to try and create something different to your usual style, or even something similar. I love the endless possibilities of having someone else do my makeup for me, and they always create something new that I'd never considered before. I'll be honest in saying, I then basically recreate the same makeup look for like the month afterward until I get bored.  

I hope this little guide has been somewhat helpful and has provided you with some good tips and tricks on how you can step outside of your comfort zone. Switch up your makeup preferences, have fun and experiment as much as you can. I promise, you'll see a complete different side to makeup and you'll fall head over heels for your makeup products time and time again. Plus, the more you can incorporate your different products, the better investment they've been! 

If you've got any extra tips and tricks definitely let me know in the comments below, I'd love to see how you step outside of your comfort zone! 


MUA & Model: Rachel McKnight

  • This look is completely, utterly breathtaking. I have been trying to make more risks and be more adventurous with my makeup as well using the tips you mention. There is so much makeup I own that does not get used, it is ridiculous. At this rate I am never going to finish anything. I hate cleaning my brushes though, what brush cleaner do you use/recommend? I think clean brushes really have an impact on how your look comes out, plus I need to get a Colour Switch as well to clean my brushes between using different shadows. Thank you for sharing, amazing photos. You are so talented, hope you have a great week x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin