Growing Up With Music Lovers

Music is always something that has been a huge part of my life. Growing up we've always had music playing in the background, and some of my fondest memories are surrounding music, a band or a certain song. My mum has always been a music lover, and likewise, my Grandad. They taught me all about the classic rock I love even to this day. I remember begging my mum at the age of 13 to go to my first gig. Of course, she let me go. I can still remember being stood there in a crowd of people, waiting in anticipation. The lights dimmed and the music began to play, I doubt I'll ever forget that feeling. I've spent many of days sat in my grandparents living room as my Grandad played the likes of Thin Lizzy, Pink Floyd, and Peter Gabriel. 

As a child my mum took the idea of a lullaby in her own unique direction, instead of opting for the classics, she opted for a classic; Guns and Roses, Sweet Child of Mine. That song will stick with me for the rest of my life, forever bringing back fond memories of my childhood, and of my mum. 

Since my Grandad passed a few years back, my Grandma has told many of story about how my Grandad would play songs for her, and how at a party one year he did a knee slide over the dance floor. Elvis Presley, "Can't Help Falling In Love" and Nat King Cole "When I Fall In Love" will always bring a tear to my eye. I'm definitely the type of person who associates songs with people, and with memories. 

My dad, despite saying he's not a music fan, will always be remembered by the words of Nat King Cole " Smile... "Smile, though your heart is aching, smile, even though it's breaking, when there are clouds in the sky, you'll get by". It's crazy how just a few words can remind you so fondly of somebody, a time or a place. 

I'll never listen to Pink Floyd "Wish You Were Hear", or Neil Diamond "Be", without thinking of my Grandad and his funeral. Linkin Park "When My Time Comes" and Slipknot "Sulphur" will always be associated with my best friend, Alice and the many fond memories I have of her. 

While so far this feels very negative, music for me is associated with so many of my "life memories". I can remember driving down to the South Coast for family holidays and having Whitesnake and Simply Red playing in the car, and I'll always cringe at the thought of singing Keane "Somewhere Only We Know" on karaoke with my sister. 

I could go on all day reminiscing about the loving memories I have, and the songs that remind me of them. For my 21st birthday my Grandma bought me a vinyl player, I've been lusting after one for so long. Since owning one I've enjoyed rummaging through the vinyl stores trying to add to my collection, and of course, rummaging through all of my Grandad's old vinyls; I love the fact he kept them all these years. Music for me is such an important part of my childhood, and growing up. As I sit here and write this post I'm playing Black Sabbath which takes me back to this time last year where I was lucky enough to be at Download seeing one of my all time favourite bands playing their last ever festival. 

I guess there's no natural place for me to end this post, so I'm just going to stop now, but I'd love it if you could comment below any music associations you have.