What you see on this website was created by myself (Heather McKnight) and therefore in turn is owned by myself. All images and words are my own, unless clearly stated otherwise. I will occasionally use images sourced from pinterest, but these will clearly be labelled. I've worked hard to build this space up and I have been lucky enough to build up relationships with companies and my readers, I will not jeopardise this trust, therefore aim to be as blunt honest and transparent as possible. I blog daily which understandably means that a lot of products are trialled and tested, with this in mind I do work with brands and companies on a relatively regular basis, although please note that I do turn down a good 70% of offers. 
I do feature guest posts, but these are bloggers which I hand select to feature on this space. Any guest posts will be clearly labelled and are predominantly for my "The Makeup Bag Edit" series. 
I am happy for brands to share my content, as long as obvious credit to myself is provided.


The majority of products featured on Porcelain Beauty have been purchased with my own money which I have worked hard to earn. I do however have the pleasure of working with some incredible brands, and on occasion, I am kindly sent products for consideration. All items sent for consideration will clearly be labelled with an asterisk [*] symbol. I will only ever accept a PR sample if it is something that fits the theme of my blog whether that be a product I would go out and purchase with my own money, a product I feel would interest you as my readers or simply a product that interests me and I wish to learn more about. I am extremely grateful for all PR Samples/Gifts sent to me, but I must highlight the fact that they are only sent for consideration; consideration meaning that the product is sent to Porcelain Beauty for me to test, and determine whether it is a product I wish to feature on PB. I do not accept compensation for product reviews, and I will not be bribed into featuring a product on my blog. All reviews are written based on my personal experience with the product and therefore will not necessarily be true to your experience. All products featured will be thoroughly tested prior to the post being written so that my review is as accurate and thorough as possible. It’s also worth noting that I do have a minimum testing period, depending on the type of product. Makeup: 10-21 days | Makeup Brushes & Tools: 1 week+ | Skincare: 3 weeks | Hair Tools: 2 weeks | Haircare: 3 weeks *depending on product, some products may take longer to test, please note that this is just a rough guide

Sponsored Posts:

Very occasionally I may write a sponsored post, which will always contain a “Sponsored Post” footnote and will always be fitting to the genre of my blog. While the post may have several compulsory notes, the post will be written by myself. I will decide upon terminology and wording, I do not wish for my blog to become an automated sales pitch, you may recommend phrases, but I include them at my own discretion. I will always state whether or not the content is sponsored as I wish for this space to be completely honest and transparent.


I may feature giveaways on my blog, but only if the product(s) fit the theme of my blog and I feel would benefit my readers. If this is a collaboration with a brand then I will clearly disclose this information within the post. Winners are chosen at random via Rafflecopter. I will not feature anything in a giveaway that I have personally not trialled and tested. Exceptions can be made, but are very rare and will only be made if the item(s) fit the theme of my blog.


I am so grateful for comments left on my posts, and I thoroughly enjoy reading every single one. I welcome bloggers to leave their blog link, but I will remove any “follow for follow” or spam comments. My comment box is not free advertising and I hope you respect this. The constant love and support you all provide in regards to this space is overwhelming at times, I do read every single comment and reply to 99% of them; I do receive a lot of comments and therefore I hope you understand that it's sometimes difficult to reply to everyone, especially comments on older posts. I'm more than happy to chat via social media if you have any questions though!