Burrito’s For Tea Though

BarBurrito is one of those places that I've heard so many people rave about, but I don't know, I just kinda presumed it wouldn't be my thing. When the lovely guys at BarBurrito dropped me an email inviting me to a masterclass in Leeds, I was very intrigued. I mean, let's be honest, who doesn't like a masterclass that allows you to sample all the menu highlights?! BarBurrito has two restaurants in Leeds City Centre, one on Boar Lane and one just off The Headrow in The Light; for our masterclass, we attended the venue in The Light and I must say, it was done out beautifully. I loved the bright and colourful aesthetic and just how spacious the place was - it's a real bugbear of mine when restaurants try to put too many tables and seats in and leave you virtually sat on top of the table next to you. The open concept meant that you were able to watch as the team prepared your food, another edge I really like, and it was so easy to customize your order. The team were instantly welcoming and friendly, they got us our drinks and started to chat through the menu and a few of their "best sellers" and we even got to try a few bits.

Josh and I sampled the Grilled Chicken, Pulled Pork, Spicy Shredded Beef, and the Grilled Steak... it was bloody delightful. We even got to try a few of their salsa's, while I favoured the Pico De Galo (one of the milder options) I think Josh definitely enjoyed a sample of their hotter options, the Chipotle and the Mule Drivers, oh and the Tortilla Chips were just the best darn thing I'd ate all week. After we'd had a sample of the menu the lovely ladies in charge of the masterclass brought around a bucket of rice and some wraps for us to attempt to make our own burrito, they demonstrated how to create the perfect wrap and explained how they wrap the burritos a specific way to ensure that the bread wrap is only around the outside and never apart of the filling... after a few attempts (and a little extra help) I think I got the hang of it, I mean, don't get my wrong, I won't be invited back for a job anytime soon, but it wasn't a complete disaster! 

The masterclass only included a small selection of people, three bloggers and their partners so there was no justification for them closing the restaurant, but I loved that. I found it extremely interesting to watch as the daily flow of customers came through the door, and exactly how they were treated. Every person who walked out the door had a big smile on their face and a burrito in hand (if they were taking out that is). I feel like we really got to see an accurate representation of day to day business which really helped to create a positive atmosphere.


let's talk Burritos... 


After the menu tasting, we were able to go behind the counter and fully indulge ourselves - we each helped ourselves to a selection of goods, shoving as much food into the wrap as possible. I decided to go for the Grilled Chicken with a few pieces of Grilled Steak, the mexican rice, some peppers and onions and a little salad, topped with the Pico De Galo salsa. I honestly never thought I'd enjoy a burrito as much as I did. What I found surprising is just how filling the meals were, I think everyone struggled to finish the last few mouthfuls... 

Since leaving the masterclass Josh and I have both had a massive craving for "round two", and I can definitely see us going back within the next few weeks. As quite a fussy easter I loved how easy it was to customize your order and make it your own. I find with a lot of places you have to have the food a certain way and they're not very accommodating to taste preferences. BarBurrito could just be one of new favourite places to eat - I think we'll be going back with a few friends to convert them to the burrito life... I also feel like this could be a perfect place to stop on your lunch break too if you're wanting something quick and filling, and yet something that still is relatively healthy in comparison to your standard "fast food" offerings. 

A massive thank you to both the lovely team at BarBurrito and The Light for inviting us along to their masterclass - we both absolutely loved it! 

As a little side note, I'm really wanting to filter more "Leeds based content" into this little .com space so let me know if this is something that interests you, but also where you'd like to see me review next. I have my eye on a few places but I'm definitely curious to hear your thoughts! 

  • i do love a burrtio! so yummy and this one looks amazing xx


  • Summer Hanif

    I love burritos and BarBurrito has opened up where I live, may need to give it a try! X