Behind The Scenes: MUA Photography

I've been working behind the scenes a lot recently on a few photography projects. I've just finished my second year at university and I'm finding myself in a situation whereby I'm trying to build my portfolio a little. I love taking photographs, I always have done, but I've never considered myself to be a photographer... I guess it's just something I've done as a hobby and to capture memories. I've been working over the last few weeks with my little sister, Rachel, to document a few of her makeup looks. I guess it's a win-win situation for us both, she gets high-quality photographs for her professional portfolio, and so do I. I've been sharing random snippets over on my Twitter, but overall, unless we're friends on Facebook, things have been kept quite private. I thought it would be interesting however to share a few of my favourite photographs on here for you to have a snoop through. 


Definitely let me know what you think, I'm personally happy with all three of these photoshoots! I'm always looking to try and build my portfolio up, so if you're in or around Leeds and would like to meet up to take some photographs just let me know! I'm hoping to collaborate with Rach a little more on these parts to hopefully bring you a few more makeup looks ect so definitely let me know if that's something that interests you!


MUA: Rachel Mcknight 

  • wow, that make up is amazing!! so talented xx