I'm Heather, named after a character in the film Highlander, not the flower. I'm 20 and at the height whereby I have to roll up the bottoms of my jeans in order to make them fit. I spent the majority of my life in a full face of makeup and my PJs, I've been to more concerts than I can count, and I would rather order a takeaway with my family than go out clubbing on a Friday night. I am most definitely not cool. As in like, I scrapbook kinda not cool...
I'm currently studying a full-time art course in Fine Art specifically specializing in painting and photography, and developing quite the collection of both art and makeup brushes. I was brought up and live in Leeds and have a quick and sarcastic, often offensive, sense of humor that has a tendency of getting me into trouble. Yes, I have a very strong Yorkshire accent.
I eat an unhealthy amount of chinese and indian food, and like most, my new years resolution is to drink more water and generally be "better". It's taken a long time for me to figure it out but I'm in a position where I'm completely and truly happy. I have a fantastic support team around me who help me day to day in life and behind the scenes on my little .com
You'll most likely find me in the beauty aisles up to my elbows in lipstick swatches, if not there then the stationary aisle. Still can't find me? I'll probably be in bed.