A Message Of Unity

As we all take a moments silence for the lives lost on Monday 22nd May, it’s apparent just how strong we are, both as individuals and as a unit. I’ve been unsure as to whether to address the terrorist  attack Manchester faced on Monday night but as I sit at my desk and open my laptop, it feels somewhat natural to write. I have no idea whether this is something that will ever be published or whether it will sit in my drafts but right now, I just need to talk about this.

We as a society are proving that we cannot be broken. As the death count rises and it’s becoming more apparent just how serious this attack was we are standing together, united and although there may be a tear in our eyes, we have hope. There’s nothing that will ever replace the lives lost, or help those victims to remove the memories of that horrific night from their memory, it’s something that will haunt every single individual for the rest of their lives but I’m constantly astonished at the pure love that we have for one another.

This is for the members of the public still searching for their loved ones, for the lives lost and the individuals who acted selflessly. The taxi drivers who offered free lifts, the hotels that offered a free bed for the night, the members of the public who opened their front door and did everything to help. For every single person who shared on social media, helped to raise money for the families and of course for that guy who selflessly ran towards the danger to help those in need I hope that as a society we have shown unity and have somewhat helped. 


H x

  • It can be so hard to write about other things when there’s something consuming all of your thoughts, and I admire you for opening up about this. I’m so heartwarmed by all the beautiful stories coming out of Manchester at the moment, but so heart broken each time another name on the casualty list is released

    Steph – http://www.nourishmeblog.co.uk